Welcome to Feisty Retro! I hope to build a place where strong people can find items to express their personal style. The curated items in the Feisty Retro collection are pre-owned vintage, antique, or vintage-look items carefully chosen for style and quality. You can also find mixed lots and craft lots here -- collections by color or groups of items that didn't make the curated collection but which can be useful for crafters.

Why feisty? I consider it a word of strength.  Feisty people know who who they are, know what they like, and aren't afraid to seize the day. Feisty Retro serves up vintage styles for those of us who who are confident enough to know what fits us individually rather than blindly following trends.

Thanks for visiting! I hope you find something you love. Check back often -- I'm always finding new things.

All the best,

Melody - Feisty Retro founder and curator