Dason WWII Sweetheart Bracelet

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This Dason WWII-era sweetheart expansion bracelet with a two-heart design had a gold wash over a substantial (20g) sterling base. While much of the gold wash has faded away over the many decades, the bracelet is still lovely. It is offered in its aged state with both patina and tarnish, so that the purchaser may polish it or not according to preference. Careful polishing of silver surfaces will add shine to the piece while preserving darker patina in recessed areas, though polishing of remaining gold areas could further reduce the coverage of gold wash. This piece carries visible marks of its history while retaining its fundamental beauty. Perfect for a delicate wrist and made to fit close like a watchband, this expansion bracelet measures 5.25" unstretched; expandable up to 7.25"; hearts measure 0.75" x 0.75"

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