Pandemic Protocols
FeistyRetro is a one-woman shop. I'm always careful about thorough cleaning of the jewelry I sell, but during the pandemic I've focused on finding ways to help all of us stay safer -- family, friends, and the growing FeistyRetro community. My household is at high risk for complications from Covid-19, so we have been locked down since March of 2020. We have sheltered in place with only contactless exchanges the entire time. Even our grocery orders are contactless.

Staying in is a necessity for us, but it also keeps you safer when you shop here: all items on the site were sourced before the pandemic hit*, have been thoroughly cleaned, are stored in a home with low risk of exposure due to our family's isolation, and are handled with gloves to avoid direct contact when packed to ship. That's the new normal because I value your health and safety as much as that of my own family.

Please see the contact page above and reach out if you have any questions or concerns about Covid-19 protocols at FeistyRetro or if you'd like further details on any of our offerings. Stay safe, everyone, and hang in there: the world will change again, and if we continue to look to each other's safety we just might be able to make a kinder world than the one we left behind a year ago.

*Note: "sourced before the pandemic" doesn't mean you won't find new listings. Researching, photographing, and listing pieces takes a lot of time, and I still have a backlog of treasures to share!

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